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Ciprian, Romania

An orphan from a very young age and then going through a lot of distress at the hands of his own siblings, Ciprian finds a Bible among the last things left in the house where he used to live.

It is there, in the book of Proverbs, where Jesus revealed Himself to this young man as the True Wisdom who will guide him through all the hardships he had to endure. He learned to pray like David prayed in the book of Psalms.

Even though he doesn't know why he had to go through so much suffering, Ciprian was aware that God went with him through it all, guiding him, changing directions, putting the right people in his life and bringing him out of trouble and the destructive ways of bad friends and company.

Justice, at some point, will be done and Ciprian understood that his job, now, is to make people aware of that and to urge them to get right with God before Jesus will come back again to judge the world.

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