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Clare, England

Clare's story is the story of all of us who become aware of the longing for God hidden deep inside the very essence of our being.

Some start searching for Him in a familiar place like a church in which they grew up.

Clare did that, but soon she found out that something was missing there, so she left looking for that God who can be seen in the miraculous provision, the God who can be experienced as real and alive and caring.

Past trauma, brokenness brought Clare to a dead end in her search and in the middle of a breakdown, when she could no longer continue pursuing God, God came searching for her and offered her a way out, the way of surrendering and letting go and the way of trusting God.

Clare's story is the story of the afflicted who had been seen and comforted because in the middle of the storm she took the refuge she was offered in Jesus Himself.

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Christians of the World
Christians of the World