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LaDetria, USA

LaDetria's spiritual journey started at the early age of two and a half when on one unforgettable night, just before going to bed, her grandmother told her about God.

She still can remember the excitement she felt at the thought of being able to connect with God in that way.

Not long after this experience, LaDetria's parents got converted to Jehova's Witness, a movement mostly known for the teaching that Jesus is not God but a creation of God.

At 19, a young and active Jehova's Witness, LaDetria felt something was missing in her life, and while praying one night asking God to show her if she was doing something wrong, in a vision, the Holy Spirit introduced to her Jesus, as God.

That's when her spiritual life took on an unexpected turn for the better. After her encounter with Jesus as God, He continued revealing Himself, through the Word and experience as her Savior, Provider, and Friend.

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