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Radu, Romania

Radu from Romania, grew up in a time when the oppressive communist regime was ruling over the country.

He had a special bond with his sister, and when she with her family moved to America after the Romanian Revolution of 1989, Radu could not adjust to the loss, so he decided to reunite with her.

Despite the dangers involved, Radu and some of his friends planned to somehow get to America. They ran away from Zalau, a small town in Romania, and traveled to Istanbul, Turkey.

The week-long separation from his family in Romania was full of uncertainty, but after a series of adventures and a few “lucky breaks”, he finally got back home.

Instead of punishing him, his father treated him with a remarkable amount of grace, just like God had done with the prodigal son.

This experience moved Radu to become a child of God and a follower of Jesus.

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